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A Stove Upgrade for $10

Well, my hunt for a new stove went a little better than expected. I had originally set a budget of $600 and tax for a new stove, or $200 for a used one. I quickly found that both price points don’t get you far, so threw out some lowball offers on used stoves before we bit the bullet and purchased new. This lovely Kenmore oven with self cleaning and convection features was listed at $300. I offered $200. They accepted. I drove out ASAP with the hubby, and the very nice seller asked for only $175 since we were a “Nice young couple”. We only had twenty’s, so $180 it was.


When we got home, I posted our old apartment stove and range with the broken element and wonky oven for $150 on Kijiji. Within 10 minutes, we had a buyer that offered us asking price plus $20 to deliver.


So for a grand total of $10, I have gone from this:


To this:


I’m now following the Broan Allure II range hood on several sites waiting for a sale. I just need to decide whether to go with stainless or white and my appliances are officially covered. It’s a happy day!