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New Life.

Hello blog world.

I’ve been absent for awhile.  Over a year to be exact.

What I can tell you is what’s changed since you last heard from me.

In November we welcomed our daughter to the world.  After six years of trying, after losing the pregnancies that came before her, and being told that I had a 1-2 % chance of conceiving, we were shocked to find out I was pregnant.

The pregnancy seemed so surreal . . . I never expected it to last after our experiences the previous pregnancies.  Yet month by month, she grew bigger and stronger and I grew rounder.

Anything to do with beauty, fashion, cooking and fitness took a back burner while I worked on creating a positive home, healthy mind, and healthy body to help nourish our daughter.

Now that she’s here, our lives feel complete.  I find myself staring all too often, amazed that she is actually here and actually ours.

Life got a lot busier when she arrived, but you learn to adapt.  As we celebrate our first three months with our sweet girl, I find myself ready to rejoin the blogging world.

I’m not certain yet how the growth of our family will impact this blog, but am looking forward to adapting as the next year unfolds.

If you’re still here, thank you for sticking around!  If you are just finding me now, welcome!  Leave a comment, I love the conversation.

Wishing you a wonderful 2016 full of whatever it is your heart is yearning for.  You deserve it!