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Pantene Pro V Ultimate 10 Review

I don’t often write about products that didn’t work for me, as I like to write about those I would recommend to others.  However, sometimes it’s no necessarily that the product itself is bad, it’s just that it didn’t work for you.  This was the case with the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 line, which was sent to me by Bzz Agent to review.  I had the opportunity to try the Ultimate 10 Shampoo, Conditioner, and BB Creme, and gave all three products a two week trial during which  used no other products.


I found the shampoo, conditioner, and BB creme to appear to be a thick consistency, but when I actually applied them to my hair, the texture was quite light and not as thick as most Pantene lines.  The shampoo lathered well and left my hair feeling clean, but the conditioners thinner texture just didn’t moisturize my dry ends as much as I like.  The BB Creme is also a thin consistency, and it did not proide the shine, frizz fighting, and split end repair that I usually get from my usual hair serums and oils.  My hair was left frizzy, poufy, and dry at the ends after my two week trial with the line.

For reference, my hair is long, curly, dyed, and dry at the ends.  I decided to give the remaining bottles to my sister in law, who has chin length, fine, thin hair.  Her experience with the line was the exact opposite of mine.  She found the line moisturized her thin hair without making it look oily, or weighing it down.  She also found that her hair had a bit more volume than usual.

The Pantene Ultimate 10 line claims to:

1) Repair for Rough Hair
2) Strength Against Damage
3) Silky Softness
4) Brilliant Shine
5) Smoothing
6) Moisture
7) Frizz Control
8) Heat Protection
9) Manageability
10) Tamed Flyaways

I thought this would have been perfect for my hair type, but ultimately, it wasn’t the best match.  If you have thinner hair that is in need of repair and shine, it may be a good option for you.  I myself will continue using Pantene’s other lines for now, as I still love how most of their shampoo and conditioners work for my hair.

The products featured were provided to me for review by BzzAgent.  All opinions are my own.

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