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While many of you may be familiar with Nail Polish Canada (the same company that ran an awesome promotion when Glymm jumped ship), you may not have heard of their newest sister site, Obsessed Canada.  Obsessed Canada has more of a beauty focus, carrying over 125 brands including The Balm, Sigma, Lime Crime,Velour Lashes, Eco Tools, and many more.  Shipping is free for orders over $25, and $3 for orders over $25.

Obsessed Canada recently contacted me, asking if I would like to try out a few varieties of Maskeraide masks.  Already a fan, I happily agreed, and soon after “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”, “Detox Diva” and “All Nighter” arrived at my doorstep.  It actually took a little longer than expected to receive them, but I did not order them through the website, so I can’t speak to what the usual speed of delivery would be.


I usually try to do a mask each Sunday, so it was easy enough to incorporate the masks into my routine.  I’ve tried several of Maskeraide’s other varieties in the past, and find them very effective in producing short term effects.  Upon removing the mask, your skin is smooth, hydrated, and even toned.  I try to save them to use several hours before an event, leaving my skin prepped for makeup application.

The All Nighter mask contains peppermint oil, aloe, argan oil, and a variety of other ingredients meant to detoxify, depuff, and refresh your skin.  This mask smelled of mint, and felt refreshing on.  I used it the morning after a late night study session, leaving it on long past the recommended 20 minutes as I sipped coffee and knit in bed.  My skin felt great afterward, and I decided to forgo makeup that day to give my face a break.

The Detox Diva mask contains geranium oil, seaweed, and green tea leaf extract to help minimize pores and fight impurities and free radicals.  Thanks to an, ahem, hormonal surge, my skin was less than cooperative the weekend I used this mask, and the blemishes I did have calmed down some after the mask was off.  I left this mask on longer than the 20 minutes recommended as well, with no negative effects.  While my skin felt clean, it did not feel stripped, as it sometimes does after I use some of my tea tree skin care when I am breaking out.

The I Don’t Wanna Grow Up mask contains a variety of ingredients meant to help reduce fine lines.  I feel that the entire line of Maskeraide masks helps to hydrate skin in the period shortly following, which does “plump” your skin, helping fine lines to appear less prominent.  I don’t notice any long term effects, but do enjoy the experience of the mask, as well as the impact it has on my complexion shortly after application.  I used this mask before a wedding last weekend, and love the glow my skin has afterward – no dry, flaky skin to be seen.

The masks come very well saturated in a thin, clear gel.  I like to use the remaining gel on my chest, neck, and the back of my hands.  I’m also sure to rub in any leftover serum after I remove the mask.

Maskeraide masks can be purchased from Obsessed Canada here for $6 each. My only wish?  I would love to see the ability to bundle and save, such as four masks for $20  I’m a girl that loves to get the best value for my dollar, so I would also love to see the addition of a Hot Deals tab, much like the one on Nail Polish Canada.

This post features products sent to me from Obsessed Canada for review.  All opinions are my own.

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