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Daily Archives: July 23, 2014

Sample Killah- Week 3

I did surprisingly well this week, considering I spent five days without running water, electricity, or cell service.  Don’t worry, there wasn’t a natural disaster or anything – I just went camping with my husband for our anniversary.  I didn’t actually finish them all this week – some were nearly empty in the shower at home, while others I finished last week after my Week 2 update.

If you have been keeping up with my prior posts, I have been participating in Kalyn Lord’s Sample Killah during the month of July.  The goal being to use up as many little sample packs as possibly during the month.  I’ve been so successful I may just keep on going into August to tackle some of the smaller tubes and jars.

Starting with haircare, lots of John Frieda samples, as well as some I received in the mail.  The Fekkai and Garnier conditioning masques were quite nice. My hair has been getting twice weekly masques this month and my lack of split ends tells me I should keep the habit up!

photo 2(5)

Skincare included a Philosophy Miracle Worker night cream – it is absolutely amazing and  would probably would have purchased already if I didn’t have a few night creams to use up.  I usually splurge on some skincare sets from Sephora at Christmas each year, and this has made the shortlist for my 2014 shopping bag.  Also included was a Lancome serum and Kiehl’s moisturizer that didn’t meet my expectations after all of the hype I had read/watched online.  Some Arbonne eye creams that were nice, but not my favourite.  Biotherm serums which are always lovely – one day I will purchase a full size bottle.  It’s hard for me to justify doing so when the outlets in the US sell the three step skin care lines for $30, and the serums for $20.


photo 3(4)

The last bits include some facial wipes, a body lotion (not a sample though), some perfume swtches, floss, mouthwash, and sunscreen.  It rained two of the days we were camping do I didn’t use a ton, but this sunscreen held up over a 4.5 hour hike up and down a mountain.  No tan lines or burns, and I didn’t reapply until we got back to the trail head.  It also didn’t get all gross and slimy when I started to sweat.  Impressive!

photo 1(4)

How am I doing so far?

Week 1: 15

Week 2: 20

Week 3: 32

Total: 67

That is 67 less foils, tubes, jars, and vials left cluttering my house.  Feeling accomplished, and thankful to Kalyn for hosting Sample Killah.

I leave you with a picture taken directly from our campsite.  Definitely can’t complain about life in Northern Ontario!