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Sample Killah 2014

This past year, I have been trying to cut back on my beauty obsession.  It started when I purchased the Alex9 drawer unit from Ikea, and set it up in my office.  I intended to use several drawers for makeup, and the rest for office supplies.  As I began to fill the drawers, I realized I was in trouble.  One drawer full of lip products.  Another eyeshadows and palettes.  A third with foundation and primers.  An entire drawers of blushes, bronzers and face powders.  One full of targeted face care items (serums, eye creams, etc) and another of face cleansers, eye makeup removers and sunscreens.  It wasn’t long before I had filled 8 of the 9 drawers.  Drawer 9 was full of empty makeup subscription bags.

I panicked a bit – how had my love for cosmetics gotten so out of control?  I had enough makeup to last me a lifetime, and it was just getting worse with each Sephora order, Shopper’s points event, and trip to the US to visit Ulta.  I started going through drawer by drawer, throwing away items that were past their prime, or just not for me.  I separated brand new items, passing them off to friends and family.  I found the world of online swapping/selling, and created a Pinterest board.  I would package any orders in Ipsy bags at no extra charge, and usually threw in some extra samples or full size products.

I have only allowed myself to purchase an item if I absolutely run out.  This means using up any samples and nearly empty products before opening a new one.  Being more selective has actually been refreshing – when I used up every last drop of concealer, I was able to read and watch reviews, wait for a good sale and purchase what I felt was the best option for my needs.  I don’t have five backup concealers – I have one, and when I run out, I will purchase another.  I’m nearly out of dry shampoo, and look forward to the process of narrowing down my selection and finding a good sale/price when I repurchase.

Purchasing a new item feels so much better when you have waited for it, worked to use up other products first, and when you get to use it regularly because it is the only one you own.

A little bit of a long intro, but this brings me to Kalyn Lords Sample Killah 2014.  Although I don’t interact much with the Canadian blogging scene, I try to add every new Canadian beauty blog I find to my feedly.  I find the content much more relevant.  I  first saw the Sample Killah post several days ago – a bit late, but still early enough that I could participate.


My progress for week 1 – 15 samples.  Some self tanner, facial masks, whitening strips, conditioner, and lots of skin care.  I figure my skin is either going to love me for the extra attention, or start to revolt from the sudden barrage of new products.  Time will tell.

It’s not too late to sign up yourself – the deadline for your first update it today.  If you don’t have a blog, you can update via your other social media channels.  There’s also $50 on the line for a randomly drawn participant, so if you are interested, sign up here.

p.s. I really enjoyed the Nivea lotion. Fast absorbing, light, very moisturizing.  I have a few other lotions to get through, but I plan to purchase the full size version of this.  I used to use the small tub of Nivea, but found it too thick.  This is a perfect alternative.

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